Widow Receives Touching Home Makeover To Help Cope With Loss Of Husband!

Everything happened very fast. Hilary received the news that her husband had terminal cancer, and just a day later, she found out she was pregnant. Her family and friends asked her if she would keep their first kid, knowing that one day she would be a single mom. Hilary kept the child, yet finishing assignments as simple as acquiring a crib crushed her. Specialists didn’t trust he would make it to see the birth of his girl, but amazingly Joe lived to see his daughter turn 1 year old. Only three weeks, he died.

The loss appeared to be insurmountable. For Hilary, it was their home that left her haunted. She watched her spouse’s wellbeing decay and withers on their bed. She watched her spouse watch their TV, hardly able to move. The walls they shared were a jail of memories that she didn’t want to let go of, but they just served to help her to remember what she’d lost.

And one day, Hilary found a feather outside of her entryway. Feathers always reminded her to remember Joe. The little coincidence, for her, was an indication that he was watching. What’s more, the time had come to move forward.

Oprah and creator Nate Berkus teamed to give Hilary’s home a makeover that would help her adapt to the loss of the love of her life. They wouldn’t attempt to delete the memory of her adored spouse, but respect it. The outcomes were stunning…