Woman Gets Pulled Over For An Amazing Reason – Watch The Video!

So when you first got your license, what was the dumbest thing you did? Back into a pole? Hit the neighbors trash cans? Well thats nothing compared to this idiot.
Maryann Christy, a 54-year-old who apparently has bad judgement was behind the wheel of her sweet 2004 Lincoln when she dropped a few driving infractions in front of the police.

First, they noticed her driving the wrong way on the road. Thats a no-no anywhere.Thats when they saw the giant TREE that was lodged in the grille of her old-lady car. The coup-de-gras was when they pulled her out of the vehicle and guess what? Yep, she was hammered! Welcome to your first DUI Mrs.Christy, you’ll be popular when it comes to sharing your stories in the DUI classes you’ll have to take for the next 6 months.