This Woman Is Having A Worse Day Than You

You ever have one of THOSE days? You know, when life picks you to have the worst day ever? We all get them and when our card is pulled, it’s like the world falls around you and everyone is against you. Can you imagine that happening when you tried to wash your hair first thing in the morning?


Well that happened to this woman here.This old woman was looking in the hall closet for some new shampoo when she found a container that looked like her usual hair product…until she used it. To her surprise and our laughter, this poor woman used a can of polyurethane foam instead of shampoo. polyurethane foam is used for sealing cracks in roofs, walls and just about anything else that needs to be sealed forever!

Well this poor woman, sitting in the waiting room of the local hospital had it not only cover her head, but SET as well, leaving her with a new helmet covered with twigs and other debris from her tussle with the construction foam.

Next time you think your day sucks, just take a look at this.