You Won’t Believe What Happened While Mom Was Holding Her Two Identical Twins!

Your everyday work becomes a routine. Every time, many things simply have to be done the same way, so probably there are days that are reasonably uneventful. Maternity wards are very excited for people who aren’t there all the time (after all, they are bringing humans into the world) but doctors and nurses see this every day. They were surprised from this story and made a splash on the internet.

Every day, St. Luke’s East Hospital’s NICU sees miracles. There are babies born and families made in the maternity ward of this hospital, but on this day, six sets of twins were born in this ward in one day. And all the babies were born happy and healthy.

“It’s never happened before at St. Luke’s East, and the staff and parents are really enjoying this time,” said Brenda Cornell, the ward’s manager.