World’s Scariest GoPro Footage

So I think my version of skiing is different from this guys, by a longshot! A few weeks ago, the internet started sharing a clip of an unidentified skier with nerves of steel who skied down the 14,692 foot Matterhorn! The mountain, which is in Italy and Valais in Switzerland, is one of the highest summits in Europe and has been recreated in Anaheim at Disneyland. As we watch the body cam footage we can’t help but have our heart in our throat and sweaty palms as the filmer ski’s down the narrowest chute from the top. Any mistake is certain death!

As we see his footprints in the snow, we now see how the crazed adventurer got to the top, only to tempt fate by skiing back down. He starts out slow, thoughtful and tentative and rightfully so as death is certain on either side of the chute! If thats not scary enough, turn up the sound and listen to the icy conditions and the terrifying scraping noise as the slope gets even smaller. The skier has no choice but to move forward and succeed because the only alternative is death! Watch the amazing footage and see what I mean!