Wrong Turn Becomes Amazing Rescue Caught On Video

The stretch of coast from Newport Beach Harbor to Huntington Beach Pier is a wave magnate for south swells in the summertime and “the Wedge” is the granddaddy of the all. The freak wave was accidentally created when the city built a jetty to protect the harbor entrance. The mutant wave bounces off the rocks and doubles in size before breaking on the shallow sandbar just off the beach. For seasoned body surfers it’s a dream wave but for two clueless jet skiers this weekend, it almost became the end of their lives.

In dramatic video caught in the late afternoon on Saturday June 25th, we watch in shock as two people speed into the line-up at the Wedge just as a 20 foot wave is about to break on them. Instead of turning around or even punching the throttle and heading for the beach, the couple inexplicably speeds straight towards the rocks and certain death. The ensuing rescue is nothing short of amazing as lifeguards rush in to save the couple.